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    Philippe Pozzo di Borgo - Président d’honneur de l’IRME
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Accueil > Actualités > Symposium (SFN Marseille) - 21 mai 2019

Symposium (SFN Marseille) - 21 mai 2019

The spinal cord : Basic research to clinical practice.
May 21, 2019, Marseille.
Institut Neurosciences Timone
27, Bd Jean Moulin

Keynote Speakers :

  • 9h10-9h50 : Gareth Miles (University of St Andrews) "Functional analyses of human iPSC-based models of ALS reveal potential pathogenic mechanisms"
  • 9h50-10h30 : John Martin (City College of New York) "Modulating neural activity to repair the corticospinal system after spinal cord injury"

Motor session

  • 10h50-11h15 : Nicolas Wanaverbecq (Marseille, INT) "Do CSF contacting neurons modulate spinal motor network in the mouse ?"
  • 11h15-11h40 : Patrick Decherchi (Marseille, ISM) "Biomaterials for spinal cord repair"
  • 11h40-12h05 : Pierre Hugue Roche (Marseille, APHM) "Early management of spinal cord injury - where do we stand"
  • 12h05-12h30 : Marjorie Kerzoncuf (Marseille, INT) "Management of spasticity after spinal cord injury : current techniques and future directions".

Sensory session

  • 16h10-16h35 : Cyril Rivat (Montpellier, Institut des neurosciences). Functional interaction between μ opioid and FLT3 receptors in sensory neurons produces analgesic tolerance
  • and hyperalgesia
  • 16h35-17h00 : Emmanuel Bourinet (Montpellier, IGF) Low threshold voltage gated calcium channels regulates pathological integration of neuropathic pain in spinal dorsal horn circuits.
  • 17h00-17h25 : Matilde Cordero-Erausquin (Strasbourg, INCI). Implication of the cortico-spinal pathway in sensorymotor control.
  • 17h25-17h50 : Aziz Moqrich (Marseille, IBDM). Functional significance of primary sensory neurons diversity : A focus on chronic pain

Imaging session

  • 14h00-14h25 : Christophe Leterrier (Marseille, INP) “The nano-architecture of the axonal cytoskeleton revealed by superresolution imaging ».
  • 14h25-14h50 : Hervé Rigneault (Marseille, Institut Fresnel) “Coherent Raman imaging : techniques and applications in neurosciences.”
  • 14h50-15h15 : Franck Debarbieux (Marseille, INT) ”Intravital dynamic imaging of neuroinflammatory cellular events following implantation of a neuroprosthesis in the traumatized spinal cord”
  • 15h15-15h40 : Guillaume Duhamel (Marseille, CRMBM) “In vivo measurement of the myelin by inhomogeneous magnetization transfer (ihMT)”.
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Flyer Symposium SFN Marseille 21 mai. 2019